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Plugins bridge the gap between platforms to complete transactions or functionalities. Technology is cutting down on human involvement in business to improve output and efficiency. It not only aids in outcome prediction but also saves time; they are what a key is to a vehicle. At Themeisle, they shed more light on why plugins are essential in business operationalization, and why their creation leads the pack.


Do We Really Need Them…

Businesses are tapping into human activity and behavior to model products. Such processes make automation a necessity, either as a hands-off mechanism or to censure interference. Software developers create plugins to fill these gaps. From financial institutions to marketing firms, audio-visual engineers, and the service industries, plugins make business processes easier. Basically, a plugin is a capacity builder for businesses and persons interacting with a platform or an online system. 


A Closer Look into Themeisle Plugin Vault

Otter Blocks

Do you need a simple and fancy page builder for your website? The Otter Blocks cavalry is here to salvage your web development. Design stunning pages fit for the contemporary brand or product. They are not only responsive but light and easy to use. The web design world is moving forward, and Otter Block is the way.

Feedzy RSS Feeds

If your platform has features that collect and collate data, then you need Feedzy RSS Feeds. The plugin organizes it into bands that are easy to interpret. Basically, they are shortcodes or widgets that act as extensions to your platform to help you collect content from your visitors.


If your website has audio-visual materials that are constantly filling up your space, get Optimole. It optimizes them to manageable size without tampering with the quality. The plugin acts in real-time at the point of contact, reducing the size of the photo by 80%. Your sign becomes efficient, flawless and reduces the loading burden on your server. As a techie, I am sure you know the importance of a light website…


The retail world has migrated online, turning websites into online shops. Sparks is your go-to plugin to help you design and curate a modern online shop. Features on this plugin include a wish list, product comparison, variations, to mention but a few. Get contemporary online store features with spark and enhance the user experience.

Product Addon and Fields

With the growing influence of WooCommerce features on contemporary businesses, Themeisle came up with this plugin to harmonize online retailing. The traditional WooCommerce system has limited features when it comes to product listing. Product Addon and Fields allow the store manager to add several products of different features and varieties, while still maintaining its responsive feel.


Data is an important ingredient in marketing as it notes behaviors, patterns, and timing. To get this information refined for interoperating, you need Themeisle’s Visualizer. The plugin creates tables and graphic representations of the data, simplifying decision-making. With monitoring and evaluation as an on-demand skill in contemporary workplaces, the Visualizer comes in handy.

Revive Old Posts

Social media has changed people's engagement over time, with old posts reminding brands and customers of previous activities. As an administrator, you might have forgotten experiences and their effect on present decisions. With Revive Old Posts, the plugin schedules anniversary posts, with customized captions. In effect, it reminds followers what the plan was in relation to what there is currently.

Multi Pages Generator

If your platform requires content to feed the search engines, the Multi Pages Generator should be your go-to plugin. Based on your area of specialization, it generates varied content, which can pass as posts or blogs. Such content easily passes plagiarism, which becomes useful with SEO and other online marketing approaches.

WordPress Landing Kit

If your platform requires several service or landing pages, WP Landing Kit is your plugin. Within a short span, the plugin can generate blocks that can create microsites, service pages, or even a complete landing page. The best part about this plugin is that it creates content from WordPress, based on your area of specialization. If you run a demanding platform with data-intense features, WP Landing Kit is here for you.

The above plugins are part of the bigger plugin bank at Themeisle. Visit Themeisle vault to sample plugins that suit your preference. Come to think of it, is it a plug-in or plugin?